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The Bernese Mountain Dog

Origin and history of the Bernese Mountain Dog

Bouvier BernoisThe Bernese Mountain Dog is the best known of the four breeds of Swiss Mountain dogs. Appreciated for centuries as a herds dog in the Helvetian high mountain pastures, he has become a docile and attractive pet. It has long been thought that the Bernese Mountain dog was a descendant of the Tibetan Mastiff, which may have been brought to Switzerland during the Roman Conquest. The evolution of this breed is closely linked to the Swiss history. The Bernese Mountain Dog has been used as a sheep dog and a watchdog. This three-coloured coated dog was more particular found in the Düwwbächler hamlet near Riggisberg in the Bern County.

Portrait of Bernese Mountain dog

Group Second group. Section 3.
Swiss shepherds dog
Ground to withers height 64 to 70 cm for males ;
58 to 66 cm for females
Coat Black, white or flame coloured. Three-coloured long hairs with a shiny, smooth or wavy fur.
Weight About 40 kilos

Affectionate and faithful. A balanced temper.
He is dissuasive without being aggressive ; he’ll happily take part in the children’s games.
Attentive and observant, he shows cleverness.

Qualities A useful dog : a watchdog, a defence dog, a pet dog, a herds dog
Living conditions A garden is compulsory
Food 650g or more of dried complete feed a day


Formerly used in Swiss farms as a shepherds dog, he is now used as a mountain rescue dog but as a perfect pet dog too, as he particularly loves and enjoys family life.